Silent nurse call systems

Extensive studies carried out in the care of those with dementia have shown that sufferers are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and there are several common environmental triggers. One of the most distinct, and contributor to high levels of stress and upset, is noise. For this reason creating an environment that is free of repetitive, high volume noise is essential if you are striving to create a calm and home-like environment for your dementia residents.

According to the published study carried out by the University of Stirling, call bell noise can be one of the most common causes of stress to dementia patients. It suggests “fitting call alarms which alert nurses but do not resonate throughout the whole building. Alarms can be particularly disconcerting as they may encourage the person with dementia to respond or investigate what the matter is. At the very least the loss of sleep will compromise a person’s ability to concentrate. It can affect their attention levels and capacity to cope, as well as being detrimental to their overall state of wellbeing. Personal paging systems are preferable to bells and buzzers.”

At InstaCare Systems we have access to all the major paging manufacturers, including the unique waterproof BlueBell pager. It has many additional benefits including an exit alarm, the ability to identify which member of staff has which pager and is incredibly robust. The Bluebell system can easily be extended to monitor staff activities such as food and fluids and turning,

So, let us help you turn off the call bells and create a silent nurse call system. You probably don’t even need to replace your existing system to achieve this!

Why not give us a call today and let us help you work out the best solution for your home.

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