Remembrance Day in Care Homes

It’s November and as we approach Remembrance Day this year there will be a national and international focus on ceremonies and services being held up and down the country, both on Remembrance Sunday and also on Monday the 11th November 2014 at 11am. None of us can avoid seeing the distinctive red poppy that symbolises the day of remembrance.

Most of us will wear a poppy with pride and as a clear display of our respect for all those who have served their country and their nation to help uphold the rights we sometimes take for granted. With recent conflicts In Iraq and Afghanistan it is no longer just the older generation who feel affected and compelled to show their support.

For the residents of our care homes, this is of course a particularly important day of the year. Most care homes will have their own service, to ensure that all their residents can participate and it is really important that they are able to pay their respects if they wish to. Residents are not only our link to the past but they are the link to the future as well, man will have sons daughters, grandchildren who are serving members of the armed forces. This can make the day ever more important to them.

What are you planning in your care home? Have you got a remembrance service planned? Do your staff wear their poppies with pride and understand the importance of the day to some or all of their residents? We would love to hear about the events you have planned by sharing them on our Facebook and Twitter pages, pictures & comments would all be great to see.

Here at InstaCare Systems, we remember our family members no longer with us who served their country and the armed forces who continue to keep us safe and living in a democratic, peaceful country. We will be attending Remembrance Services and will be upholding 2 minutes silence on 11th November 2014, for a chance to reflect and remember.


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