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Pagers, also referred to as ‘beepers’ or ‘bleepers’ are a popular and reliable source of sending information in places where other technologies are less effective. Cordless phones for example can be problematic causing frequent interruptions to speech in large Hospitals and Care Homes.

InstaCare Systems can provide a variety of different pagers and Paging Systems ranging from alphanumeric, which can contain more sophisticated information such as text and icons, or numeric pagers which provide information in a more simplistic format generally consisting of up to 10 digits.

Pagers and Paging Systems offer value for money, allow for an excellent range of coverage, look discreet and are ideal for sending alarms and messages to staff members and management quickly and efficiently.


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BlueBell Waterproof Pager

The BlueBell Messaging and Alarm System uses a radio network on the 868/869 MHz European SRD band to send alarms and receive messages via the Bluebell pager.

The radio system is managed by a Master Base Station and coverage can be extended using Radio Repeater and Slave Base Stations.

Unlike systems using a single technology, BlueBell supports location technology that’s right for your situation and your budget. It’s radio network provides effective location indoors and out.

Key features

  • Waterproof portable (IP67)
  • Unique ‘swipe’ for data collection applications
  • Integrates with a wide range of nurse call systems
  • True location with added security
  • Staff only need to carry a single unit
  • Secure radio network


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