Lone Worker Systems

aterproofwateraccredBluebell’s Lone Worker solutions utilise a robust Alarm pager which combines secure, two-way wireless with a range of location detection options to address the majority of working situations. These include –

  • using our light portable alarm in pre-defined work areas that require lone worker systems without the need for location detection
  • having the system regularly prompt workers to confirm with the portable pager alarm that they are still safe
  • allowing the worker to use barcode swipes or Near Field Communication built in to the portable pager to indicate their location.
  • using beacons to automatically signal the workers location to the portable pager and so allow the worker to move freely whilst being fully protected
  • ‘Man-down’ alarm which works with all the above if needed

The Bluebell Lone Worker pager is light and portable with a large, Red Button to send an alarm. The secure, two-way wireless network ensures that calls get through, a vital requirement of lone worker systems. The pager is waterproof to IP 67 standard in a tough, plastic case and is suitable for most work environments. Using Bluebell’s optional central PC software, the pager status is monitored at all times and alarms will be raised in a central point such as a gatehouse as well as on the other pagers

Key Pager Features

  • ​Waterproof portable (IP67)
  • Unique ‘swipe’ for data collection applications
  • Integrates with a wide range of nurse call systems
  • True location with added security
  • Staff only need to carry a single unit
  • Secure radio network
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