Pressure Mats & Fall Monitoring Solutions


At InstaCare we know that your fall prevention efforts are too important to depend on poorly designed pressure mats that fail to cope with the everyday demand of life in a care home.

Replacing pressure mats which life expectancy falls below expectations can become an expensive task, inconvenience you soaking up valuable time, as well as leaving you and your residents in a vulnerable situation.

InstaCares Treadnought floor sensor is built to last with a rugged construction that far outlasts the competition with out any added expense.

Our floor sensor easily connects to most nurse call systems and can be placed at a bedside, doorway or any other vulnerable position which will activate the nurse call system when a fall risk resident or patient steps on to the sensor.

An optional anti-slip mesh can be provided for hard floors making the Treadnought adaptable to many different situations.

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This Passive Infrared Fall Monitoring Solution from InstaCare Systems uses infrared detection technology to help the carers detect and reduce the risk of falls. The monitor emits an infrared beam and triggers an alarm to alert a carer when movement is detected. Typically used by a bedside or mounted to a door, this is a great alternative for when carers determine that the use of bed sensor pads is undesirable.
Batterty or mains powered this monitor is versatile, simple to set up and easy to use.

Local or remote alarm options allow for the alarm to sound locally on the monitor itself or remotely plug in to an existing nurse call system or portable pager. Supplied with it’s own swivel type bracket for easy mounting and optimal positioning an optional C-clamp mount bracket is available to suit mounting to a bed frame.


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