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Established in 1968, Courtney Thorne have grown to become the one of the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of Wireless Nurse Call Technology. Their technology is used by many of the leading names in the healthcare and care home sectors, allowing them to protect those in their care, whilst having key data at their fingertips to assist them with managing their care provision.

InstaCare Systems are a Courtney Thorne Gold Partner, which means we are fully supported to supply the whole Courtney Thorne range, including the latest Altra Range along with their Economy + and 08 Range.

Altra Care Wireless Nurse Call System

Introducing the all new Altra Range. The Altra Care Wireless Nurse Call System is the latest Nurse Call System on the market, combining Smart Mobile Technology with the best of Wireless Nurse Call, aimed at the Nursing Home Setting.

The system includes “The Altra Touch” main display panel which allows you to fully personalise your system, provides data / reports to assist with home management and providing clear accountability and evidence.
In addition, the all new “Altra Mini Touch” display screens are ideal to display calls in communal areas around your home.

Built in Bluetooth and WiFi sensors, allowing connectivity and integration with a wide range of devices.
Wireless accessories
Smart device integration
The multiple on-board sensors mean your Nurse Call System will allow you to monitor resident and staff activity throughout your care home, enhancing your ability to provide the safest possible environment for those you care for.

Fall detection
Movement monitors
The system uses the dedicated European 869.2MHz social alarms frequency to reduce interference. The ‘listen before talk’ anti-collision technology and acknowledgement of calls ensures calls are received reliably.

No programming or configuration is required, meaning new Courtney Thorne devices can be added to your system “out of the box”.

Courtney Thorne 08 Range

The Courtney Thorne 08 Range, whether for NHS hospital trusts or a small care home, these systems with touch-screen technology and two way call acknowledgement provide accountability with it’s built in logging facility and call tracking all in one unit.

Emergency calls are given priority whilst the optional site map instantly locates the caller saving vital seconds. Programmable with up to 999 locations in 256 zones ensures that the system can be expanded in the future.

No other product on the market compares with this nurse call solution. Complete flexibility means this system can be adapted to any environment. Given its modular and wireless design the system is simple to maintain and incredibly intuitive.

The Economy + Range

The Courtney Thorne Economy + Wireless Nurse Call System is both a robust and economical solution to meet your home’s needs.

The “CT Touch” main display panel provides touch screen technology with all of the important information displayed at a glance. Staff can easily see all of the calls in the queue, displayed in order of priority and length of time since call made. The location of the call is easily identified for each of the calls displayed in plain text. It also has audio speaker, location mapping and a live call list.

Alternatively, the MPEP Display panel provides another more economical option for call display, all levels of calls and any faults are clearly displayed. It is a simple LED numeric display, the large, red text can easily be read from a distance.

The Economy + Call Points come with pear push and pull chord options, allowing residents to easily call for assistance at various situations around the home, including in bathrooms and communal areas. They can also be used by staff to call for other staff required in attendance, with assistance or emergency options.

 Courtney Thorne Gold Partners

InstaCare Systems have Courtney Thorne Gold Partner status, which is only given to a select number of independent nurse call providers. It means that all of our engineers are fully trained by Courtney Thorne and are both certified and supported to install, maintain and service all of the Courtney Thorne product range.

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