Access Systems

Access Systems allow staff and managers with the facility to provide a controlled and secure environment when visitors or customers attend a premises. There are a variety of different access systems available, for instance a stand alone system which may be used to control independent doors to a building. Access can be granted by either entering a four digit numeric access code in to a keypad or by presenting a proximity token depending on which type of reader is fitted.

Another type of system available is a ‘PC based’ or ‘networked’ access control. Working on the same basis as the stand alone system, PC based access control can be controlled via a central network. This enables all doors on the system can be controlled via a PC. A specific proximity token can be barred from the system instantly as well as allocating groups and users to certain areas of the system.

Designed to give an extra layer of security to keep out unwanted visitors whilst retaining normal day to day operations, our access systems cover a wide variety of applications.

InstaCare Systems have the knowledge to provide you with a suitable access control solution whatever your situation.

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