The new Touchsafe Pro nurse call system from Aidcall

InstaCare Systems are Aidcall Trade Partners and can now supply the brand new Touchsafe Pro to your care home!


This system has been created with real innovation yet mindful of  the huge financial pressures faced by the healthcare sector. This future-proofed system is easy to maintain and combines innovative features with proven functionality, suitable for every care home. The TouchSafe Pro is a fully wireless system which allows for complete flexibility and mobility, so no more cables or restrictive fixed call points. Installation is quick, with minimal disruption  and is specific to each site. This enables each system to be tailored to the individual home’s requirements, which can adapt to change and can be added to over time.

Innovative features and powerful software achieve unrivaled functionality. Improving the speed of call responses and increasing the depth of information available to both staff and management will drive team performance and support staff in providing the most effective care. This new range has been created under the strict guidelines laid out within the Health Technical Memorandum (HTM 08-03). The result, is ’best in breed’  healthcare technology to support you in your delivery of the best standard of care.

Aid Call systems will track and record all call information. Details are stored, including call location and response time, to provide a comprehensive insight into staff activity and performance. This protects you and your staff and is an invaluable audit tool. In addition, Aid Call manufactures an extensive range of assistive devices. These allow you to adapt your new system to support individuals with varying needs. Consequentially, you can build a truly unique center for care.

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