Marta Broyd of Golfhill Ltd

Marta Broyd, Operational Director of Golfhill Ltd which includes Hill House and Three Corners care homes in Devon. InstaCare Systems have worked with Marta for many years, both in her current and previous roles. She is very proactive and forward thinking, always striving for the best ways to continuously improve the care homes she is in charge of. InstaCare Systms have maintained the call bells in various homes and have most recently supplied, installed and commissioned the Aid Call TouchSafe Pro nurse call system at her homes. This is what Marta had to say about the InstaCare Team:

“I and have known Gail Booker-Tyas (InstaCare Systems Sales & Marketing Director) for some time now and over the years she and her company have always helped me out in ensuring the homes I have managed have the best possible proactive call bell soft wear. Gail and her team are very open and approachable. They make what could be a very stressful process, when a home is transitioning rom an old call bell system to a new one, very straight forward and stress free”

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