Karen Bousher,Rose Lodge, Exmouth.

I had been unhappy with the customer service and maintenance being provided by our current supplier. I had received a telephone call from InstaCare Systems introducing themselves and immediately I was impressed with the attitude of the sales representative I spoke to, therefore I kept the companies details on file.

When I approached InstaCare and explained the problems I had been receiving with some of the products we had been sold by our existing supplier, I was put in touch with an engineer who called me later on that day. He said he was happy to come and visit us and for me to show him the problems that I have been experiencing with some pressure mats. It was difficult for me to explain over the phone. The engineer visited the next day and was able to offer some good advice.

He even took the time to repair three of our existing mats whilst he was here at no cost. I was offered a far superior product at a better price. I was also introduced to some extra benefits such as anti-slip mesh which is fitted under the mats. This was not supplied by our previous provider. Everytime I have contacted InstaCare I recieve a quick and effecient service and the personal touch of having products hand delivered by them. On occassions I have also been offered helpful advice over the phone and via email.

Personally I prefer the personal touches InstaCare give and like being able to speak to soemone who understands the importance of needing equipment urgently. The service is friendly but still very professional. The equipment we have purchased from InstaCare has served us well with no faults. InstaCare even adapted some products to work much better with our existing call bell system, much more ‘staff proof’.

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