Dementia Awareness Week 2016

During the week of the 15th to 21st May 2016, Dementia Awareness Week will take place with the aim to encourage anyone worried about dementia to confront their worries and address dementia directly by approaching the various charities and support groups, including Dementia Friends and the Alzheimer’s Society, for more information and support. This might be for the person themselves or their family and friends who have concerns they need to discuss.


The thought of being diagnosed with Dementia can be a scary and very daunting thing and often people don’t know where to turn for more help and advice on the condition. But these charities provide a huge source of support and assistance on all aspects of dementia. Dementia Week is a great opportunity for us all to help increase understanding of dementia, raise awareness and support people we know.

What you can all do to help: GET INVOLVED!

There are many ways to get involved, the Alzhheimers Society have got lots of great ideas on how you can be part of the Dementia Week:

  • FREE POSTERS, FLYERS and BOOKLETS: Simply order these from their website or drop them an email to request them to
  • Dementia Awareness Events: Why not hold your own event? It could just be a tea morning or a cake sale. Any way you can spread the word and help those know what support is it out there would be great, plus if you raise any funds towards the charity that would be fantastic too. Check out for more information on holding your own event!
  • Shared Experiences: Getting together and talking about feelings and concerns with others that are affected all helps in the battle to create awareness. You can do this with your family and friends or can visit the website page form 15th May and share your experiences there.
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