CQC to publish details on the use of CCTV Cameras in Care Homes

It has been announced that, after this week’s Public Board Meeting, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has agreed, in principle, to publish information for the care industry that will discuss the use of covert or overt CCTV cameras as a measure to monitor care. The information will be published for use by both care providers and for those who use care services for themselves or loved ones. This announcement follows a year of collating views from people that use care services, carers and care providers over the use of CCTV in the care industry.

The CQC are keen to ensure that information they have collated be written in a more accessible way for the public to receive. They are now in the final stages of approving this information and will be publishing the information shortly.

In a publication released on the CQC website, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care at the Care Quality Commission, Andrea Sutcliffe, said: “We know that exploring the potential use of hidden and public CCTV cameras in care homes and other care settings is a really sensitive issue – and one that provokes a huge range of debate and opinion. We have spent the past year really listening to people who are using health and social care services, their families, providers and partners on their experiences, anxieties and concerns that matter to them. The information we will publish for providers makes clear the issues we expect them to take into account – for example, consulting with people using the services and staff – if they are considering installing hidden or public cameras.

I hope the information we will publish for the public will help them make the right decisions in difficult circumstances and I look forward to making sure that this information is written in a way that is most useful for them. I am clear that any form of CCTV cameras cannot be seen as the only way to ensure people are receiving safe, high-quality and compassionate care. We need enough staff, properly trained and supported who really care to ensure people get the services they have every right to expect.”

Also given were comments from the Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb, who said: “CCTV Cameras have helped to expose terrible cruelty and neglectful care and I welcome this new information. Decisions about using surveillance are extremely difficult – there is always a balance to be struck between protecting people and respecting their right to privacy – but this information will help families to make the right choice for them.We are committed to preventing poor care from happening in the first place and have introduced tougher standards for inspecting care services as well as measures to shut down those that aren’t up to scratch.”

Here at InstaCare Systems we aim to ensure that all aspects of system integration within the care industry are catered for and that we are always working under the strict guidelines laid down by the CQC. As information becomes available and guidelines are laid down, we will be the first to know and will of course keep you informed. So for now, watch this space!

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