Are your resident’s falls being caused by infections?

According to a study published in the USA, many of the falls by an older person could be the result of an infection rather than mental health. The study found that nearly half the falls recorded where a visit to Accident & Emergency was requires, were in fact caused by infections.

The researchers of the study undertaken at Massachusetts General Hospital, found that minor infections such as urinary tract infections (UTI’s) accounted for around 45% of the falls in the sample group of 161 patients.

Dr Farrin Manian, (Principle Researcher) who works at the hospital’s division of general medicine in Boston said:

“Over the years I’ve been struck by the fact that some of the more serious infections I treated were in people who came to the hospital because they fell,”

“Even though many of the patients had vague early signs of an infection, such as weakness or lethargy, it was the fall that brought them in,” Manian said in a news release from Infectious Diseases Week, an annual meeting of specialists in infectious illness.”

The reason infections can cause falls is contributed to by low blood pressure associated with infection. This can lead to dizziness increasing the risk of falling. In the elderly, especially those with dementia, illness can also cause confusion, again increasing the risk of a fall.

The study suggests that healthcare providers, carers and concerned relatives should be careful not to jump to conclusions about the cause of the fall. But to investigate the cause thoroughly and identify any possible infection.

Age UK statistics show that some 70,000 hip fractures occur annually due to falls and as well as falls being the leading cause of accident related mortality in the elderly.

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