Care homes required to display CQC Rating

Under new rules set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) that came into force on 1st April 2015, care homes across the board are now required to prominently display their CQC Rating. This is being brought in to ensure that residents and their families are able to make better informed decisions about their care and identify when homes are doing well or have made improvements required. On the flip-side it will of course force those with less pleasing ratings, to display them too.

To help support this the CQC have developed a number of posters available for download from their website, that should be used to display your rating within the care home itself. These posters should be displayed across the premises including public entrances and waiting areas. These ratings should also appear prominently on any care providers websites. Failure to display these correctly could result in a fixed penalty fine.

At InstaCare Systems, we are focused on helping ensure that your nurse call system is up to scratch and in line with all CQC requirements. As part of our annual maintenance contracts, our engineers carry out a comprehensive service on your nurse call system and provide you with a framed certificate for display. This will go hand in hand with the display of your CQC rating, helping to keep your residents and their families informed on the steps you take to ensure the highest level of care.

To download the CQC posters for display visit:


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