Alistair Whitmoor-Pryer, Kahanah Care

Alistair Whitmoor-Pryer owner of Kahanah Care

What prompted you to try InstaCare Systems?

We looked at other systems but they were not so compact . Also a big factor was the friendly and professional ( relaxed) advice , not a hard sale that went past the point of sale ,not long and drawn out! The pricing was very competitive compared with other systems . Before we purchased we were invited to go to another care home to really see how the system worked so we gained a full understanding . It was a good well thought out process of our company and Instacare working together to get it exactly right for us.

Excellent service right from the beginning.

What was it about InstaCare Sytems that impressed you the most?

The personal friendly and relaxed service . The team really listened to what we wanted and adapted a system to fit our needs. Also we were able to set up a plan to repay over a period of time which really helped and didn’t cause cash flow issues on our business . The ongoing service is great and we are delighted with the product and the service.

If you were recommending InstaCare Systems to a good friend, what would you say?

Certainly I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Instacare. We have been really satisfied all the way along and continue to have their system installed in our homes . I am sure they would not be disappointed!

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